The SAMexperience project (Sustainable Alliance Manager: Learning experience towards collaborative skills with green consciousness), commenced with a rigorous needs analysis at the academic echelon, encompassing both a comprehensive literature review and empirical studies conducted at both country and cross-country levels.  

Such endeavors enable the partnership to discern with clarity the gaps within the educational framework and contrast the findings with the academic and labour stakeholders of the diverse national environments (Spain, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Italy). Thus, facilitating the crafting of learning modules that are tailored to meet the demands of the contemporary labor market for proficient professionals from all over the EU member countries. 

Central to the operationalization of these initiatives are the partnership meetings, concomitant with the discussion, generation, and exchange of educational resources – strictly in digital format – serving as the virtual ground wherein all constituent activities are conducted.  

Owing to the development of IT solutions, the physical convening of the partnership occurs merely on 4 occasions throughout the entire project lifecycle (3 years), while substantive project progression transpiring predominantly within the digital realm.  

In fact, the SAMexperience project obeys to the Guidelines issued by the Erasmus+ Programme Guide 2023 with regards to the respect for the environment and for the fight against climate change, and adopts eco-friendly solutions for the large majority of its activities. 

Hence, the SAMexperience project epitomizes environmental sustainability not only in its aims, but also in its methodological and operational approach. 


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Written by the ValueDo s.r.l. team