The Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics at the West University of Timișoara (UVT) successfully hosted the InfoDay@FMI-UVT, a groundbreaking event tailored for innovators in the IT&C sector. Conceived as a hub for networking and recruitment, InfoDay@FMI-UVT facilitated meaningful and direct interactions between top companies and potential candidates, ranging from enthusiastic students to experienced graduates. The event structure promoted these interactions and showcased collaborative opportunities between academia and industry. Highlights of InfoDay@FMI-UVT included: collective and individual projects, internships and practice stages, research and development projects. 

A key feature of the event was the presentation of the SAMExperience project, delivered by Assistant Professor Dr. Stefaniga Sebastian-Aurelian, Vice Dean of the UVT’s Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, included as partner in the project.   

During the event, Work Package 2 of the SAMExperience project was highlighted. This segment’s short-term objective is to develop an international, digital, flexible, and personalized learning experience for Sustainable Alliance Managers. The long-term goal is to equip professionals with the collaborative and green skills needed to drive sustainable growth in SMEs. The SAM profile development aims to meet the sustainable growth needs of SMEs through validated theoretical and hybrid skills models using market-based research methods such as questionnaires, focus groups, and interviews. Key focus areas include eco-design, water efficiency, energy efficiency, sustainable raw materials, sustainable mobility, biodiversity, carbon footprint reduction, waste management, and product lifecycle management. This initiative aims to decrease the high failure rate of alliances in SMEs, promote intercompany collaboration, formalize the SAM role within organizations, and align these efforts with broader sustainability goals. 

Notable Participants from the IT&C Socio-economic Environment: Hella Forvia, Eviden Romania, Haufe Group Romania, Netex Romania, Atos Romania, Resolved Digital, BearingPoint Romania, Avaelgo, Amazon Romania, and SoftServe Romania.  

These initiatives not only support student innovation and professional development but also provide the socio-economic environment with access to fresh ideas and the potential to discover innovative solutions to current industrial challenges. 

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Written by the West University of Timișoara team (Romania)