Collaboration is often crucial for big international projects such as European projects. European projects bring together a knowledge and experience people from different parts of Europe. The SAMExperience project stands as a testament to the power of effective collaboration within the context of international initiatives. Central to the success of such collaborative endeavors are regular gatherings, which serve as pivotal forums for fostering communication, enhancing coordination, and facilitating collective problem-solving. These gatherings provide a structured platform for team members to share progress updates, exchange insights, and collectively address challenges encountered during the project’s lifecycle. By fostering a culture of open dialogue and mutual support, these gatherings nurture a sense of camaraderie and cohesion among project stakeholders, thereby enhancing the project’s resilience and adaptability in the face of complex and evolving circumstances. Moreover, the benefits of collaboration extend beyond the immediate outcomes of the project, fostering enduring networks of partnership. 

Teamwork and sharing knowledge can get great results. The Polish team brings to the project many years of experience in the implementation and evaluation of EU projects and experience in developing curricula on green competences. Members of the Polish team developed the programme and co-managed a postgraduate study – Green transformation manager – ESG reporting. The studies are addressed to managers of organisations who want to build an organisational strategy taking into account the issue of sustainable development in their activities. The program also emphasizes the issue of ESG reporting, which for many organisations, in accordance with EU directives, is a mandatory element of non-financial reporting subject to external assessment by a certified auditor. We also created the Green Management specialisation programme for the Master’s degree programme in Public Management. Among the competences of the Polish team is also scientific research work focused on renewable energy and sustainable energy consumption. The Polish team is also socially involved in promoting the idea of green management and sustainable development during various types of events and actions (symbolic adoption of a gray wolf named Akela by our Department). 


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Written by the University of Economics in Katowice team (Poland)